Serving customers with original, top-quality products and speedy distribution.
  Aside from offering highly creative, quality products, Nishikawa Living also has a fully-fledged distribution system to satisfy customers who demand speedy delivery. Our entire business process from new product development to quality control and logistics is geared to better satisfy our customers.

Distribution channels
Diversified sales routes for quicker distribution
Nishikawa Living has sales routes in every distribution channel including local wholesalers and retailers, discount stores, department stores, and even catalog and mail-order sales. By proposing the most suitable products for each channel, we are able to enhance benefits for both retailers and consumers. Our distribution center is equipped with a large automated warehouse that helps assure speedy and reliable distribution.

Osaka Nishikawa franchise chain covering all of Japan
Local retailers firmly rooted in each region are key to our successful marketing and enhancement of customer satisfaction. Based on this belief, Nishikawa Living has built a franchise chain of retail bedding stores all over Japan. We also support member stores, strengthening their marketing and promoting their sales by encouraging effective direct mail and other promotional campaigns.
  Nishikawa Living's franchise chain: systemizing retail bedding stores

  Guarantee of quality
Guarantee of quality
To guarantee maximum reliability for our customers, we have established exacting quality standards. In each stage of production, strict inspections are conducted, including the quality of the down, shrinkage/elongation of materials, and dye fastness. For safety, measures are also taken to prevent migration of formaldehyde. Our quality assurance division also conducts a final check for every product to make sure it meets Nishikawa standards before it reaches the market.

User Service Division
Our user service specialists answer questions and complaints from customers and offer requested advice. Demands and other information collected by the user service division are fed to sales and product development divisions to help fine-tune production and marketing.

  Development of products
Design Department
Current consumer preferences are increasingly oriented toward products that offer functionality, attractive design and easy usage. At Nishikawa Living, development of innovative products is driven by strong planning skills to correctly assess current trends and to provide imaginative processing of customer needs. The design department develops a wide variety of home relaxation products with advanced technological features by fully incorporating consumer demands and feedback from frontline sales personnel.

This laboratory adopts human engineering and sleep science to analyze data collected from various experiments. This, in turn, leads to the development of innovative, highly functional products. We are also aggressively involved in collaborative research with universities and household appliance manufacturers to create a more comfortable sleep environment..

  Powerful backup system
Marketing strategyOur business planning division supports marketing and sales through public relations, advertising and other activities, including well-planned promotion strategies.

Information strategy
The systems division has built an integral system to link production, distribution and sales. Development of management-related systems is also underway.

Business management
The foundation that underlies Nishikawa Living business activities is the administration division in charge of general affairs, finances and personnel management. This division serves as an engine to drive proactive management and sustain sound corporate growth.