Functional Bedding

  Functional bedding  Creating comfortable sleep

Beyond conventional bedding
Nishikawa introduced human engineering and sleep science to the world of bedding and created a new concept: "Functional Bedding". Nishikawa's Functional Bedding is more than just something to sleep on. It's a medical tool to improve your health while you're sleeping.

Nishikawa brings a new shape to bedding
Nishikawa's product line includes pillow and mattress covering material that is non-allergenic and anti-bacterial. Nishikawa "Danclinic" warms your body while guarding against harmful electromagnetic waves. These functional bedding materials are attracting attention in the medical field.

  Social contribution
  "Moenight", Nishikawa's nonflammable bedding, is one of our top brands. It is used in hotels, hospitals and facilities for the handicapped .