Health Care

Functional bedding  Creating comfortable sleep

Beyond conventional bedding
For more than four centuries, we have been in the business of providing healthy, comfortable sleep for our customers. But the next century will bring new challenges. Among those challenges will be the dramatic aging of the Earth's population. We intend to meet that challenge with a full line of products for the elderly, from beds and bedding to lifts and home elevators, all of which have been developed with both the care providers and care recipients in mind. Our new product line will help make us a total health-care company, providing solutions for the aged and the handicapped.

Fashionable home furnishings
Our health-care products help the aged and the handicapped, providing satisfaction to users and reducing the burden for care providers. But our products are more than just functional tools; they are also attractive home furnishings. They are colorful, imaginatively designed and fashionable.

Beyond conventional bedding
N'Able House is the center of our new health-care business. The "N" stands for Nishikawa, and "able" stands for ability. This name reflects our desire to help the aged and the handicapped use their abilities to the maximum extent possible. Nishikawa now has two N'Able Houses, both highly regarded for their full range of products and services. We plan to build a franchise retail chain of N'Able Houses across Japan.

Beyond conventional bedding
In 1990, we introduced to Japan a made-to-order seating system based on technology from the United States. We developed "Muatsu Mat", a mattress that prevents pressure sores, and various kinds of pajamas and bedding to ease the care of the handicapped and the aged. We also import various related products from overseas and provide them to our customers through N'Able House and other shops, department stores and clothing stores.