Home Fashion

  Nishikawa Living's planning skills

Creating new space for relaxation, through the fusion of bedding and interior design
We make more than just separate bedding components, and we provide more than just a comfortable space for quality sleep. Our numerous product lines also work together to create a fashionable home interior.

A name-brand strategy to meet all our customers' needs
To meet the ever-diversifying needs of our customers, we rely on original brands as well as partnerships with popular designer brands. Selling a varied collection of brands is the key to satisfying every customer.

Social contribution
Product creation is Nishikawa's lifeblood. Extensive consumer research, careful planning and creative design go into every product we make .

The home fashion market
A growing number of consumers want their possessions-not only their clothing, but also their homes-to reflect a certain lifestyle. So, they spare no expense on furnishings, bedding and decorations for their homes.