Nishikawa Living products are healthy and eco-friendly

A proud tradition of innovation
Since 1566, Nishikawa has been an innovative pioneer in providing more comfortable sleep and a healthier life for its customers. We plan to carry that proud tradition into the new century.

A company with an eye for planning and production
Nishikawa Living strictly inspects all of its finished goods and the raw materials they are made from. Nishikawa's active participation at every stage of production, from planning and manufacturing to distribution and sales, guarantees that its products satisfy every customer.

A scientific approach to sleep and health
Sound sleep is a fundamental requirement for good health. We take a scientific approach to creating functional, fashionable bedding for comfortable and healthy sleep.

Our vision is an environmentally sound company
Nishikawa Living has long been exercising the manufacturing of goods with the environment in mind in a number of ways, such as the recycling of down Futons. The company, as a whole-all premises, including offices and factories-, is committed to the harmonious coexistence with nature and the conservation of the environment. Our sincere hope is to contribute to a wholesome society of the 21st century as a company that is gentle on the Earth as well as on people.